Moving Tips

Send change of address to:

  1. Post Office: Give forwarding address
  2. Subscriptions: Notice requires several weeks
  3. Friends & Relatives

Be sure to contact:

  1. Bank: Transfer funds, arrange check-cashing in new city.
  2. Insurance: Notify new location for coverage (Life, health, fire, auto, homeowners).
  3. Automobile: Transfer car title registration; also driver's license; state windshield sticker; motor club membership.
  4. Utilities: Gas, light, water, telephone, fuel, get refund of any deposit made; arrange for immediate service in new town; arrange final reading and change of name for billing.
  5. Route Men: Laundry, paper boy, milk man, change over services.
  6. School: Ask for copies or transfer of children's records.
  7. Medical: Ask Doctor, Dentist, Pharmacist for referrals; transfer needed prescriptions, eye glasses, X-rays and records.
  8. Organizations: Transfer memberships (Houses of worship, clubs, civic organizations); get letter of introduction.
  9. Pets: Ask about regulations for licenses, vaccinations, tags.

And, don't forget to:

  1. Empty freezer; plan use of foods.
  2. Defrost freezer-refrigerator. (Place charcoal to dispel odors.)
  3. Have appliances serviced for moving.
  4. Clean rugs or clothing, before moving; have them "moving-wrapped."
  5. Check with your moving counselor: insurance coverage, packing and unpacking labor, arrival day, various shipping papers, method and time of expected payment.
  6. Plan for special care needs of infants.
  7. Plan garage sale.

And on moving day:

  1. Carry currency, jewelry, documents yourself; or use registered mail.
  2. Plan for transporting pets. (They are poor traveling companions if unhappy.) Make sure you can be found if they become lost.
  3. Carry traveler's checks for quick available funds.
  4. Tell close friends or relatives your route and schedule (including overnight stops). Use them as "message headquarters."
  5. Double check closets, drawers, shelves (to be sure they are empty).
  6. Leave all old keys. needed by new tenant or owners, with agent or REALTOR.

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